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Michelle Azevedo


Michelle Azevedo

Michelle Azevedo is a writer and stand-up comedian. USA born and Central Queensland raised, Michelle has been running her mouth on stage since 2012 to much hubbub, ballyhoo and brouhaha (she couldn’t remember the word she wanted to use here, but has been assured that these do get her point across).

Michelle has done some fun things since starting comedy, such as making it to the state finals of RAW Comedy QLD, three successful split-billed festival shows, as well as being a resident host and founding member of Brisbane cult darlings This Thing Of Ours and Soup At The Milk Factory. Performing her first solo show ‘Cool Girl’ at Brisbane Funny Fest to a sold-out crowd in 2018, she has since made the big move to Sydney, and she can’t bloody wait to meet you all.

PS - Michelle finds writing in the third person very awkward. Please come see Michelle talk normally.

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