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Paul McMahon


Paul McMahon

Hailing from the Byron Bay Shire, Paul Mcmahon finds laughter through an exposition on the hypocrisy of hippies, the faults with our food and shines a lazy light of truth on all that we have to put up with in our floundering first world. He's an insightful and hilarious act who lets a tight weave of comedic jabs fly through every microphone.
Being a regular on the comedy circuit, he has performed alongside, Tommy Dean, Frank Woodley, Steady Eddie, Ronny Chieng, Austen Tayshus, Tom Gleeson, Dave O’Neil, Chris Franklin, Akmal Saleh, Doug Stanhope and is in demand for his laid back style of observational humour.
With many more achievements under his belt and an ability to take the audience by the short and curlies with a killer punch line, you don't want to miss the chance to hear his hilarious perspective on life.

"Paul McMahon is a funny bloke. Watch out for him." Mandy Nolan
"I was late for my own gig because I didn't want to miss a thing this witty hippy said" Chris Franklin
"Not only is Paul very funny, he has the best hair of any comedian I have ever met." Akmal Saleh

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